Alarm Log to File

Enters a record in the Alarm Log on the SCADA Node for each Alarm.  Return to normal is also recorded.  This is the Alarm Log seen in VIEW and ViewDAQ from the Toolbar, Right-Click Menu , (menu bar in ViewDAQ) , Ctrl+F8 function keys , <GOTO>ALARMLOG Keymacro or GOTO ALARMLOG Action command.

WebAccess creates a log file on each SCADA node and records each alarm to this log if Alarm Log to File is Yes. The log resides on the SCADA Node, typically located at C:\WebAccess\Node\Project_Nodename\log\Bwalarm.log

If NO is selected, then no alarms are recorded to the Alarm Log on the Hard Drive of the SCADA Node.  Alarms will appear in the Alarm Summary.  Alarms will be recorded to the ODBC database or printer if those fields are enabled to Yes.

Logging to a is a way of making a permanent record of alarms.  Only the last 5000 Alarms are recorded in  a LIFO basis (Last IN, First Out). If more than the last 5000 are required, then use the Log to ODBC or Log to Printer.

Many Industrial Plants require this to monitor plant safety and process operations.