9.4        Dialog Boxes

Change Dialog Box

The standard change dialog box provides the ability to enter data without a keyboard using numeric buttons (for analog tags), alpha numeric (for text type displays) and state buttons (for digitals with appropriate state descriptor. This is especially useful for field mounted display panels using a touch screen instead of a keyboard. This also speeds system development for users of touch screen only applications and provides a backup for keyboard users.

The Change Dialog box is actual a set of Dialog boxes based on Tag Type:

·         Analog Change Dialog Box

·         Digital Change Dialog Box


·         Text Change Dialog Box


Login & Password Dialog Box


Point Info (Tag Browser)

Standard feature in WebAccess Client is a Tag Browser. This is a Windows Pop-up Dialog Box.  It shows all tags in the system. The can be filtered by Tag Type, IO Channel.  See Point Info (Tag Browser).


Point Goto

The Tag browser also provides a "Point GOTO" feature that shows all points in the system where the tag is displayed including all user built graphics, trends, alarm summary, Detail Displays, etc. With one click you can got to that display. The Point GOTO feature provides Tag cross-referencing of tags and displays in the run-time VIEW. See Point GOTO Dialog Box.