Radio Button object

The radio button object is useful to create interfaces where the users can chose one option from multiple options on the display.

On the Graphics tab, in the Active Objects group, click Radio Button to create a radio button object on your screen:
  1. Click in the drawing area and drag the mouse/cursor to draw the radio button and its label.
  2. Release the mouse button when the object is the size you want.
  3. Double-click on the object to view the Object Properties dialog.
    Figure 1. Object Properties: Radio Button

Tip: To change the default size of the radio button, edit your project file ( to add the following setting:

Doing this will change the size of all radio buttons in your project, so be careful. Also, this only works for projects running in the project viewer (Viewer.exe); it does not work for projects running in CEView or the Web thin client.

Use the Object Properties dialog to specify the following parameters for the radio button object:

Modes of Operation

The Radio Button object can operate in two different modes: Normal and Tri-State. For more information, see Modes of operation for Check Box and Radio Button objects.