Text Data Link animation

On the Graphics tab, in the Animations group, click Text Data Link to add the animation input or output text property to a selected Text object. Applying the Text Data Link property allows you to insert and display tag values in real time if you are using the keyboard or on-screen keypad to run a project.

Note: You can only apply this animation to Text objects that include one or more # characters. Each # represents one character of input/output. You can combine # characters with regular text in the same Text object — for example, MyLabel ##### or $###.##.
It's important to remember that the runtime project will always display the most significant digits of a numeric value, regardless of the number or placement of # characters in the text. That means if you do not have sufficient # characters to display the value, then it will be transformed in some way depending on the format of the value (as set by the Fmt option described below):
  • In Decimal format, the number of decimal places is determined by the position of the decimal separator in the ### text. However, if you do not have enough # characters to the left of the decimal separator to display the whole value, then the whole value will overrun the fractional value. For example, if you try to display a value of 112.64 in #.##, you will see 112.
  • In Hexa and Binary formats, if you have more # characters than you need to display the value, then the runtime project will fill in with leading zeroes. If you have less characters than you need, then the value will simply be truncated.
  • In Auto format, the runtime project will ignore the number of # characters and display the entire numeric or string value. Numeric values will be displayed in decimal format with their complete whole and fractional values, regardless of the placement of the decimal separator in the ### text. Given an exceptionally large value or long string, this may disrupt the layout of your screens.

Double-click on the object to open the Object Properties dialog. You can use this dialog to specify the following parameters:

Figure 1. Object Properties: Text Data Link