To select a data source

NOTE: This procedure applies to all SPC charts except the Correlation chart. See Configuring a Correlation chart for information on selecting a data source for a Correlation chart.

  1. If you have not already done so, insert a chart by selecting it from the Insert menu, or double-click an existing chart to access the chart's configuration panel.

  2. Select the Data tab.

  3. Click the Configure Data Source button . The Data Source Browser appears.

  4. Select the location of the data source in the directory on the left. The data source files appear in a list on the right.

  5. Select the data source.

  6. Configure Tree/List options as required.

  7. Click OK. The Edit Source window appears. If you are selecting a VisualSPC source, refer to VisualSPC Data Sources.

  8. Press the Add All button to add all the columns from the list on the left, or click on the specific column you want to add and click the Add button.

  9. When the columns are in the list on the right, you can click the Move Up/Move Down buttons to change the order of selected columns.

  10. Click OK. The data source appears in the Data Browser field on the Data tab.

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