Where to use keywords?

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Vect. Elemments


Link Text

Text button

Multi-binary Element

Combined element

Universal slider



Identification (Name is not changeable)


Limit value text


Picture name


Recipe name


Recipe group name

Recipe name

Production and Facility Scheduler (PFS)





Report Generator

Standard Texts

Alarm administration/ Chronologic Event List

List headings (column headings), alarm group name and alarm class name

Archive Revision

Table headline (Name of the column)


Dialogs in the Runtime

Reaction matrices

Limit value text


Everywhere where tooltips can be used

Signatur texts

Everywhere where tooltips can be used

info Info

If the keyword is linked to a translation the translated texts are displayed in the Runtime. If a keyword is not linked to a translation, no text is displayed in the Runtime. In order to realize this kind of engineering – error, it is possible to have the "not translated keywords" displayed. (Properties of the project / Runtime-Settings / "display not translated keywords") If this entry is active, not translated texts are displayed as "@keyword" and missing translations can be entered in the language table.

These keywords are always indicated with a "@".

Here it is true:


The whole text will be translated.


This text will not be translated.


The text between the two "@" will be translated.

Here it is true: After an odd number of "@" the text will be translated (start to count at the beginning of the entry):

the text between the first and the second "@" is translated, the text between the second and the third "@" not!

info Info

A sequence of text elements that should be translated and such that should not be translated is possible. @The user@ Miller @is logged out.


Text1 and text3 will be translated, text2 not.