1.9        About this Manual

This Guide provides a generalized description configuring communications, building Graphics, and Web Deployment.

This WebAccess Configuration Manual (also called Engineering Manual) is written for system integrators, controls engineers, system technicians and project managers. The audience is the team of technicians and engineers actually developing the WebAccess project.

The content of this Guide describes the functions and tasks used to configure a WebAccess project including:

·         Project Manager

·         DRAW

·         Communications

·         Tags

·         Alarms

This Guide also contains information on the Configuration and Graphic Building System. Other Guides contain Information on the Installation (Installation Guide), Operation (Operator Guide) and each Device Driver. Driver Guides provide specific details to installing and configuring communications to each of the devices WebAccess supports.

This manual (Configuration & Engineering Manual) is available in several formats:

·  Web based Help found on the HELP link at top of the Project Manager.

·  Windows Help (HTML Help) found in

      the DrawDAQ menu bar (the local DRAW on the Project Node).

      AND the Task Tray Icon on Project and SCADA Nodes

· Acrobat PDF file from the web site

Other Manuals you should review

·  Installation & Planning Manual is a subset of the Engineering Manual found on the Installation CD and website.

·  Quick Start Manual Quick Start link at top of the Project Manager

·  Operator Manual is found on

      the HELP link at the top of default VIEW in Web Clients

      and the menu bar of ViewDAQ on the SCADA node (local VIEW).