To connect a list box to an SQL statement

NOTE: Before using this added flexibility you must create SQL statements with the Proficy Portal Statement Builder. This is also true in other areas of Proficy Portal; pen groups, named times and colors, expressions, and symbols all require you to create them before you can use them. While all of these tasks add time to the initial analysis display development cycle, you will quickly benefit from their creation.

You can connect a list box or drop-down list to an SQL statement, as follows:

  1. Insert an object (for example, a grid or chart object) into your display to show the values from the SQL statement. The SQL statement you use must have parameters.

  2. Select the SQL statement as the data source for the grid or chart you are adding.

  3. Insert a list box then right-click it and select the Link Property To. The Parameter Connections dialog box appears.

  4. Select Selected Item as the source.

  5. Click the Add button to add a new connection. The Select a Parameter dialog box appears.

  6. On the Select a Parameter dialog box, select the parameter you want to connect to.

  7. Click OK to make the connection and return to the Parameter Connections dialog box.

  8. Click OK to save your changes.

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