To configure a hyperlink

  1. Add a new hyperlink object, or right-click an existing hyperlink object and choose Edit Hyperlink.

The Hyperlink configuration dialog box appears.

NOTE: You can also add a hyperlink by dragging and dropping an Internet Explorer shortcut or a WebSource. For more information, see Using Internet Explorer Shortcuts in Proficy Portal and WebSources respectively.

  1. On the General tab, enter the text of the link in the Caption box. To use the same text as the link's URL, select the Auto Caption check box.

  2. For the type of Target, select Link to a URL, Link to a Display, or Link to a WebSource.

  3. If you selected Link to a URL:

    • Enter the web address in the Target URL box.

    • - or -

    • Click Select Report and choose a PDF report. For more information on PDF reports, see Generating PDF Reports.

NOTE: Only reports generated to the web server will be available.

- or -

If you selected Link to a Display:

If the target display has property or parameter-type symbols enabled, these symbols will appear in the table. If you want to use the hyperlink to pass values to these symbols, specify a default value and ensure Pass To Display is set to True. Other objects or variables can be used with the hyperlink to pass values to the target display. For more information, see Passing Parameters Between Displays.

- or -

If you selected Link to a WebSource, select the WebSource and configure it. How?

  1. Click the Misc tab and make changes as required:

    • For hyperlinks that are of type URL or WebSource, select one of the Location options. The Location options do not apply to Display-type hyperlinks.

    • For any type of hyperlink, you can select the Text Color button and choose a new color for the hyperlink text.

  2. Click OK to save your changes.

To set additional object properties, right-click the object and choose Properties. Property descriptions are available on the Object Properties window (click on a property and the description appears at the bottom of the window).

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