12.11        Global Scripts

Global Scripts run on the SCADA Node, independent of any Display. Global Scripts can be configured to run in one of three modes:


·   Run Continuously at user specified frequency (as fast as 25 milliseconds)  Termed While Running Script.

·         Once at Start-up or Restart

·         Once at Shutdown (or restart).


The Shutdown Script runs when the SCADA Node is stopped using either bwkCTRL, the task bar menu or Project Manager.


Global scripts run a subset of ACTION commands. Most commands that interact with a display screen are ignored by SCADA scripts (for example, GOTO GRAPH, GOTO URL, POPUP a dialog box).  Screen tags are not available to Global Scripts.  When converting a Screen Script to use as a Global Script, it is recommended to replace the Local Screen Tags with Constant Tags.


A Global Script is like a Screen Script except it runs on the SCADA Node only (not the clients) and runs regardless of what display is showing.    In contrast,  a Screen Script runs on a VIEW Client or in a ViewDAQ window, it runs only runs when the associated display is called up, or when the SCRLOOP command is used. 


Global Scripts are built using the Script Editor in DRAW.


To view the runtime status, or to enable or disable global scripts in runtime manually use the Global Script System Display.  Scripts and Keymacros can also disable or enable global scripts in runtime using %DGSST.


See also 12.11.1 Global Script Configuration and 12.1 Script Editor.