Web tab

Select the Web tab on the Project Settings dialog:

Figure 1. Project Settings: Web tab

Note: If you change any of these settings, then you should verify your project before resending it to the target device.
Configure the parameters on this tab as follows:

IP Security Settings

IP Security button: Click this button to open the IP Security dialog.

Figure 2. IP Security dialog

Use the parameters on this dialog to specify the range of IP addresses for the computers that are allowed to access your project as Thin Clients. This option is useful when you can control the IP Address of the Thin Client computers allowed to connect to the Web server.

Click the Enable checkbox, and when the Edit pane parameters become active, type IP addesses in the From and To fields to specify the IP address range. Use the Add and Remove buttons to move the IP addresses into the IP Address Range list. When a Thin Client attempts to connect to the server, it checks for an IP address for the Thin Client station that is within any range configured in the IP Security dialog. If one is not found, the server refuses the connection request from the Thin Client station.

Note: By default, IP security applies only to Thin Clients connecting to the Data Server. You can also implement IP security for database synchronization between projects running on different stations. To do this, insert the following parameter into your project file (project_name.app):

Advanced Settings

Advanced button: Click this button to open a dialog where you can edit the Advanced Web settings. For most cases, these settings do not need to be modified. However, depending on the architecture used in your project, you have the flexibility to configure advanced settings.

Figure 3. Advanced dialog