Quick Time

Quick Time is a control that allows you to update the time based on pre-configured time settings. The following screen capture shows the configurable Quick Time options.


The time mode options are:

NOTE: Relative and Range time ranges are defined in the Named Times Editor.

Quick Time can be set at three levels:

When Quick Time is used, the time from the control is passed to the components' StartDateTime/EndDateTime parameters. In the case of display-level Quick Time, a component's parameters will be changed only if the component allows display-level changes.

If both component and display Quick Time are used, and the data source allows changes from both, the display level Quick Time control overrides the component level Quick Time control.

When Quick Time is enabled on a component, all data sources set for that component will automatically use the Quick Time rather than the data source item time (as set on the Edit Source dialog box).

The Synchronize with display time option is used to synchronize the component's quick time control with the display's quick time control. When this option is enabled, the run-time toolbar will appear on the display automatically (if it is not already configured to show on the display). In run-time when the scroll buttons or quick time control on the run-time toolbar is used, the quick time display on the chart or grid will be automatically synchronized.

Start and end time parameters for a component will not be available for linking unless the component's quick time option is enabled. Refer to Parameters and Properties for more information on using an object's start and end time parameters.

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