Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 5.xx

There are various causes for Software Protection Failures and Hardware key problems. 

Remedies include;

1. Citect Version 5.21 Service Pack C is the minimum required Citect version.

2. Installing the latest version of the Rainbow Sentinel driver, V5.39, the link is on our website. The installation is quick and requires a restart of the PC.

Check your Syslog.dat file. If you have any "key failures", the above should remedy this.

3. If you are running Windows95 or Windows98 then you must load Internet Explorer V5 or later. This will install new encryption components that Citect needs.

4. A quick check of the hardware key is to run CIUSAFE.EXE, found in the CITECT\BIN subdirectory. It should display Key found successfully at the bottom of the window. This indicates the key is basically functional and to look at other factors for the failure.

5. The sentinel driver does not support PCI parallel cards. Thus attempting to install another printer port in your PC may not be an option.

6. Citect now offers USB hardware keys however be aware that Windows NT does not support USB. Sentinel Driver Version 5.39 is required for USB keys.

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