Configuring a Pareto chart

  1. If you have not already done so, insert a chart by selecting it from the Insert menu How?, or double-click an existing chart to access the chart's configuration panel.

  2. After you add the chart to your display, set miscellaneous chart options such as the chart's name, modification restriction, and antialiasing. How?

  3. Enter/configure the chart's title. How?

  4. Customize the chart's background appearance. How?

  5. Add and configure the chart data:

    • Select a data source. How?

    • Configure chart data columns. How?

    • Configure bad data options. How?

    • Specify data export options. How?

  6. Customize chart bar and Tool Tip settings:

    • Customize chart bar settings. How?

    • Specify Tool Tips settings. How?

  7. Configure the chart's frequency axes. How?

  8. Configure the chart's category axis. How?

  9. Customize the chart's grid lines. How?

  10. Customize the chart's legend. How?

  11. Specify a font for the chart. How?

  12. Click OK to save your changes and close the dialog box.

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