2.1        WebAccess Program Elements

Web Access consists of the following major program elements:

·  Project Manager - the Database Configuration Tool used by engineers and technicians to build a project using a Web Browser.  This is located on the Web Server (Project Node). For more information see 2.1.1 Project Manager

·  DRAW - the graphics builder in a Web Browser. For more information see 2.1.2 DRAW

·  VIEW - the run-time display of real-time data and animated graphics, in a Web Browser. For more information see 2.1.3 VIEW

·   Client Plug-in- the Client Plug-in enables an ordinary Web Browser to run DRAW and VIEW.  The user are prompted to download and install the Plug-in which is actually an Active-X control (*.OCX).  To force a download from the Project Node see Download the Client Plug-in from the Project

·  Thin Client - Snapshot graphics and text-based interface for control and real-time data (no animation). One instance bwview.exe runs on the SCADA node to support the thin client interface through the Project Node. For more information see 2.1.4 Thin Client

·         Kernel - the runtime data acquisition and communications program on the SCADA node (datacore.exe). For more information see 15.3 SCADA Node Kernel.

·  ViewDAQ - the local version of VIEW that runs on the SCADA node (no web browser required) and provides a local interface similar to conventional HMI (BwView.exe). For more information see 15.2 ViewDAQ - local to SCADA node.

 ·       DrawDAQ - the local version of DRAW that runs on the Project Node (no web browser required). For more information see 10.1.3 Differences between DRAW and DrawDAQ

·         WebAccess Network Service - the runtime data acquisition and communications program on the SCADA node (Webvrpcs.exe).  A shortcut to Webvrpcs should be located in the Start-up folder.  This uses two additional TCP Ports (default 4592 and 14592).  

This is the taskbar Icon  in the “System Tray” that appears when webvrpcs is running .

Figure 2-13 WebAccess Network Service Taskbar Icon in System Tray

See Also 22.4.1 No Icon in Taskbar (Webvrpcs.exe won't start) and Taskbar Icon Color Codes.

Datacore support tasks

Other Program elements that run on the SCADA node that a user normally does not need to think about include:

·         Bwscrp.exe - the Global Script engine.

·        Bwddexe.exe-  the DDE server

·        Bwmail.exe - the POP3 email client used to check for Alarms acknowledged by email and Global Scripts by email.

·        Bwview.exe - (for thin client).  This runs on the SCADA node and communicates with the Project Node to supply GIFs and JPEGs.  The Project Node delivers the GIFs and JPEGs to the Thin Client

Datacore restarts support tasks if they stop.

The Global Script engine, the POP3 email client, the Thin Client server and the DDE server will be restarted automatically by Datacore if any of these programs stop. Datacore checks if Bwscrp, Bwddexe, Bwmail and Bwview (for thin client) are running every 10 seconds, beginning 20 seconds after the system starts.